Since I can remember, nothing gives me more pleasure than making something with my hands. Actually, to give away my makes can be even better.
I am the one in the family that loves to organise surprise parties, design fun posters, invitations, party decorations… If you can cut out colored papers and glue it to invitations, why print them??? I don’t like to miss all that fun!!
I was that happy with paper, scissors and glue when my dear friend Clara taught me how to crochet back in 2008. Since then my passion about crochet and textiles in general went completely crazy. It has become for me a natural way to express my creativity. Also the fact that you can literally put your project in your pocket and enjoy it anywhere makes it even cooler, isn’t it?
My endless passion about crochet, textiles and paper inspired me to create Tenguerengue Art Works as a way to share the joy of crafts with others.
I’m happily based in Bristol. 🙂